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The Crane Store is a distributor for Davis Weather Systems that are affordable yet highly accurate weather tracking system!

These weather stations are an affordable yet highly accurate weather tracking system! I really like this unit in my tower crane. This precision cabled weather station tracks all the basic information a crane operator really needs at the touch of a button. The Weather Wizard III measures inside and outside temperatures in addition to measuring wind direction, wind speed and wind chill factor, Perfect for critical lifts. The standard version of the Weather Wizard III is designed to present extremely accurate weather readings. It includes sensors to monitor essential weather conditions and features an attractive black desktop console powered by an AC adapter with battery backup. The console is also wall-mountable. This affordable weather monitoring station comes with 40 feet of standard 26-guage cable for the anemometer and a remote temperature sensor with 25 feet of cable. The two cables connect to a junction box using an additional 8 feet of cable. The Weather Monitor III records temperature and wind information highs and lows until manually cleared or a power interruption occurs. You can track the high and low data weekly, monthly or yearly or select all-time highs and lows! The Weather Wizard III also features a set of alarms that can be programmed to sound whenever a predetermined limit is reached on wind or temperature information. For basic weather information at an economical price, the Weather Wizard III from The Crane Store is unbeatable!

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WeatherLink for emergency response Teams with Streaming Data Logger

For use with the free CAMEO® (Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations) software developed by NOAA and the EPA. With Vantage Pro2 or Weather Envoy, provides the real-time weather data needed to map the footprint of a hazardous plume, predict its dispersion, and help make critical public safety decisions—all at just a fraction of the cost of other sys-tems. For more about CAMEO, visit

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